Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Patience Dad

Everyone has heard their mother tell them, "You wait until you have children of your own." or "I hope your child is just like you so you can see what it's like." Inevitable, our mother's curse dose come true and we end up with children who don't listen, who talk back, who never clean their room or brush their teeth, or can stand still for more than two seconds. 

My brother was a rambunctious little boy who would never listen. Mom had a hard time keeping up with him. Now the tables are turned and his little one is just as antsy as he was. My brother has somehow found patience we never knew he possessed. He hardly ever loses his temper and he always takes his time with his son. He has become a wonderful father. Looks like he was paying attention to mom after all.

 Happy Father's Day Patient Dad!

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