Friday, June 11, 2010

Kid at Heart

Some of the best fathers are those who are kids at heart. The ones that look forward to racing home to play with their children. Although they realize the importance of doing homework and completing chores, they love to play everything from Wii to Candy Land to a game of basketball with their little ones. This card goes out to the biggest kid at heart I know.

I have seen him play video games with his 11 year old son and 15 year old daughter. Taunting them the entire time, even laughing an evil little laugh when he won. Then he hugs them, kisses them on the cheek, and asks them to play another game. This time, in between taunts, he asks about their day. He knows how to be their friend but still their father.

Happy Father's Day to the Kid at Heart!!!
The next time I am in town, I challenge you to a mean game of Pac Man!

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@lby said...

Very vey cute this card!!!
I love it!