Monday, June 7, 2010

Cards that say thanks and a whole lot more

Graduation is more than just celebrating the accomplishment of an individual, it's a time to thank all of the people who made graduation possible. As part of my niece's graduation gift, I made her 10 thank you cards. These are cards she can give to her closest friends and family.

Two words - Thank you - can help you show your appreciation to someone for always being there for you, for supporting you and your dreams, for loving you no matter what, and for telling you can do it when you didn't believe in yourself. 


Sherrie Conner said...

Love this gift set of thank-you's! They are all fantastic! I can see that you enjoy your Cricut, mine is collecting dust! :(
Also, I L-O-V-E your blog background!! FABULOUS!!

clearlytangled said...

super cute- great gift idea. i esp like the edging on the bottom ones.