Sunday, January 23, 2011

No party is complete without the favors - Part 3

It is no secret, I am more of a paper crafting person than a sewing project person. However, I am slowly trying to dive into the fabric world. I have all of these grand sewing projects in mind. Mostly from tutorials I've found online. I love the internet. You can find so many projects online where people were kind enough to give you step by step instructioins on how to create their ideas.

My biggest problem (in both life and crafting) is my lack of patience. When I want something, I want something done now. And since I don't know how to thread my machine and it would be simpler to just go over to my mothers house and have her set up her machine (and get me out of a sewing jam if I get into one) I tend to just go over there. I think I am making progress though. I now own a sewing machine. I haven't opened it but isn't the first step admitting you have a sewing machine....or is the first step admitting you have a problem. Regardless, my third party favor for my friends baby shower was a sewing project inspired but Martha Stewart - a tissue case. Find tutorial here.

Here is my version a little dressed up.

The flowers were cut using a cuddlebug die cut and then sewed on with a button. As a new seamstress, felt has become my go to fabric for projects because you don't have to hem the edges. Felt doesn't fray. Here is what the other side looks like.
Now you may remember, I went for a spa theme for my party favors and you may be asking yourself how does a tissue case fit in? And my answer is - you may have to blow your nose during your spa day. In which case you will need tissue. Makes sense....right?

Stay tuned for final party favor show and tell later this week.

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theUngourmet said...

These tissue cases are so cute! You have so many fun things here. :)