Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No party is complete without the favors - Part 1

For my friend's baby shower I was in charge of invitations, party favors, and the banner. Two of her other friends were also sharing the hosting duties and seeing as how we were in different cities, coordinating the shower was no easy task. I wasn't in charge of all decorations which posed a problem in keeping everything cohesive.

My friend didn't really like the idea of your traditional pink and blue to represent the boy and girl she was having. This information, however,  wasn't shared with her other two friends. So when I discovered this little fact (after her friends bought all this pink and blue stuff) I had to alter my color scheme a bit. Which, let me tell you, trying to keep a very pregnant woman and two other people I hardly know happy, is no easy task.

My compromise was to have pink and blue items inside the bags but the bags themselves would be earth toned. The outcome wasn't so bad.

I'm a fan of themes. They provide direction and focus for me. Of course this is not to say I don't go overboard with a theme :) For this baby shower I went for a spa theme. Each bag contained 5 items
  1. Soap
  2. Bath salts
  3. Bath Fizz ball
  4. Tissue holder (ok not spa themed but they are so cute)
  5. Rubber ducky 
The little bags you see in the picture above have cookies for any little kids that attended.

For this post I would like to share with you the soap that I made using a soap brick, dye, and animal molds. You first need to melt your soap in either a double boiler or in the microwave. I used a double boiler because it was going to take me a while to mix the dyes correctly and I needed the soap to remain hot.
Once the soap was in a liquid state, I poured in soap dye to change the color of the soap from white to pinkish and blueish. 

I then poured the soap into some animal molds and waited 20 minutes for them to dry. The end result was fabulous.
Ok so the pink and the blue didn't really come out pink and blue. But have you tried mixing colors to create pink and blue. No easy task I can tell you. Below is how they looked in their package.
Everything looks so much better packaged don't you think?

Stayed tuned for Party Favors - Part 2 Bath Salts.

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clearlytangled said...

love those molds! good job, good job.