Friday, January 21, 2011

No party is complete without the favors - Part 2

To go along with my spa themed party favor bags for my friend's baby shower, I included little jars of bath salts.
I purchased the jars from Hobby Lobby and the bath salts are from Target. A very inexpensive gift but it packed a punch I thought.

In order to jazz up the jars a bit more I placed stickers on all four sides. Two sides had pictures of animals (the theme of the baby shower) and the other two sides had the initials of the babies (in case you forgot, my friend had twins - a boy and a girl).

 I wasn't really sure how many boxes of bath salts to buy so I ended up with an extra box of each. Instead of returning them, I added them to the soap when it was in the liquid help with my color didn't really help as evident in my previous post. However, my soap did smell lovely.

Next up - tissue holders. "How is that spa themed?" you ask. Well you are going to have to tune in next time to find out.

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