Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Needle and Thread

One of the blogs I follow - clearlytangled - is written by a friend of mine. She is one of those people who I wouldn't like because she is creative (and I would be jealous) but I do like because she is a great person. She is the kind of person who designs her own graphics for her cards, makes her own fabric, and would quit her job to learn how to make paper if she could. She is also the kind of person who needs to wear a hard hat to get through the day safely.... which makes me feel better about her having all this talent :)

About a year ago, she showed me a bag she made. At first I was confused because it looked like a wallet....and then she unfolded it. Genius - a bag that folds into itself. I wanted one so bad. But she quickly described how long it took her to make this one bag and how she didn't think she would make any more. So instead of asking if I could buy one from her, I told her that these would sell well if she ever decided to make them again and she should think about it before she made any rash, final decisions......I really wanted on.

Fast forward a few months later and look what I got for my birthday.

Here is the bag laid flat.

You fold up the sides.....

then you fold up the ends.

Then snap it up to look like....

This was done with needle and thread - genius!

Want one of your own - visit her etsy shop.

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