Monday, September 20, 2010

The Story of Larry and Bob

This story is not for the timid.  

I spent the majority of my vacation in gorgeous, breathtaking, Maine. ( I have actually sent a letter to the state of Maine telling them they should change their name to Gorgeous Breathtaking Maine.  I'll let you know if they reply.)

Of course, all you hear and all you see are signs saying, "Find the best lobster rolls here." "Fresh lobster here." Even fast food restaurants get in on the action.

So of course I had to try the famous Maine lobster.

Enter the Lucky Catch.

And Captain Tom
We had so much fun on the Lucky Catch. Captain Tom was awesome. He and his staff will take you out and teach you all about lobstering. I can tell you how to identify if the lobster is male or female. I can tell you what you do if you catch an egg laying lobster. I can even rubber band a lobster claw with one twist.

But more importantly to this story, I can also tell you how tasty a fresh lobster is.

Enter - Larry and Bob.

We caught these two lobster just 30 mins before this picture was taken. They were the right size in order for us to keep and they didn't wiggle very much in your hand - two important aspects when picking your own lobster off the boat.

In this picture above, Larry is on the left. Bob is on the right.

In this picture above, we believe Larry is on the left. Bob is on the right.

I warned you, this story was not for the timid. 

More to come....


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow they are enormous! And we don't tend to get served the claws too! :o

clearlytangled said...

they look delicious. why is it important that they don't wiggle too much in your hand?

now i really want lobster. at 9.30pm... and there is no lobster to be had.