Monday, May 17, 2010

Not the first thing that comes to mind

My mother is a special little woman. As I have mentioned in a previous post, she is over 70 years young. About three times a week she visits a senior center where they do group exercises, play bingo, have dances, conduct yearly miss senior pageants - your regular senior citizens activities. 

From time to time they have craft fairs where any senior may sell items they have made. This is how they discovered that my mother could knit and sew. Every since then, they bring different clothes for her to mend or hem and every once in a while, she will get a special request. For the most part they have been your normal items - a pillow case, a hat, a table cloth. But every once in a while she gets that extra special request.

When you first look at this - what would you think this is used for?

Obviously it's a pouch. It's meant to hold something - i.d., cash, keys.....dentures? Yes folks, my mother was asked to make a pouch that could hold dentures. Apparently one of the seniors from her center is always losing hers. She puts them down and then forgets where she puts them. So now, she has a pouch that she can wear around her neck and always keep track of her dentures. For course, the next question is - why is she taking off her dentures? But that is for another blogger to report on.

Dentures - not the first thing that comes to mind. 

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