Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eat More Shrimp

I like to believe that I am a pet person. But really, I'm not sure if I am truly a pet person. I had a cat---once. That relationship lasted only a few weeks. It's a long story better left for another day. It's fair to say, I am not a cat person.

I like dogs, but the thought of living my life around a dog's poop schedule is not appealing to me. Now, once I make some real money and can afford a dog walker, I may reconsider. But for now, I am not a dog person.

So I thought I would try and be a fish person.

My friend, clearlytangled, gave me her bowel, rocks, and greenery left over from a beta she had in college. It's best to start small.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to...... CT named after my good friend clearlytangled.

It's been two weeks and he's still alive. I feel good about this. I may not be a cat person or a dog person but at least I am a fish person.

And he's funny.  We are a perfect match.

1 comment:

clearlytangled said...

ahhhh!!! i love him!! and i'm so flattered you named him after me. this is MOST unexpected.